Hen Mazzig

Co-founder, Chief Digital Officer // ZEITGEIST


In 2016 together with marketing mastermind Brent Tollman, Hen founded the Strategic Communications firm Zeitgeist.
In his work Hen helps drive growth by converting traditional brand strategies to digital ones, using the potential of modern online technologies and data. Hen lives and breathe social media. With verified Twitter and Facebook accounts, Hen has gained over 20K followers – a number that continues to grow on a daily basis. Hen runs Zeitgeist Digital Media Operations in the rapidly changing digital fields including,  mobile applications, social media, virtual goods, as well as “wild” web-based information management and marketing.


Hen’s work is far-reaching, his campaigns are innovative, smart, unpredictable and above all effective. He’s able to take complex messages and craft them into social media campaigns that reach millions in a nonconformist, strategic way that is fit to the ever changing digital media world. With experience of 5 years as a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, during which he  initiated the use of Public Diplomacy and digital media in his unit, he has proven the ability to develop projects from scratch and to identify trends ahead of time. Combined with his 7 year experience in creating digital campaigns in North America and Europe, he achieved a rapport with his clients’ audiences that few others attain.


Key Expertise: Content development and implementation on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Buzzfeed, Instagaram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and Online Blogs.