For your next campus or community event 


I am available to speak at events held by institutions, companies, and organizations, about a variety of topics. Following 5 years of international speaking tours, focusing on the United States, Canada and England, I have a very special and engaging way to address a variety of audiences- from college students to business people.  Speaking at more than 400 events to more than 100,000 people, I am a professional when it comes to changing hearts and minds.


Expert Guidance and Operation 


My experience in creating a meaningful online presence can be put into practice for institutions, companies, and organizations. As a leading figure on social media, with more than 20K followers on Twitter and other platforms, I am an expert in creating buzz and attention. Many celebrities and public figures follow my work and constantly interact with me. I have worked with many organizations and helped a very prominent advocacy group reach 1 million followers as the result of 2 years of work.
I have a unique understanding of digital marketing in a world where children and young adults are dictating the global conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am an active participant that professionally and personally, masters the ever-changing social media sphere.


I’ll help you tell your story 


I am available to work on global communications campaigns and in responding to public awareness concerns. As a liaison officer to the United Nations and NGOs in the West Bank, I developed skills that allowed me to tackle head-on situations and issues of concern to international groups and the public at large. Later on as an Israeli advocate in the U.S., I worked on college campuses and joined communities to fight the delegitimization campaign against Israel. I consult countless businesses, both Israeli and International groups, on how to best represent their businesses, and how to handle public opinion storms in the most effective manner. I also have great experience in working with government and officials.




Through my 10 years of experience in the field of advocacy and diplomacy- both public and traditional, I have a unique understanding of complex situations and the right way to approach issues with the public. I can also consult your group, organization or just you, on what’s the most effective way to reach the public and advocate for your goals. I have a very unique understanding of the international Jewish community, the Middle East and Israel but also on global issues.