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“How Bristol built a bridge across the Middle East divide” The Jewish Chronicle, 2015

“The talk drew a large audience of supporters from both sides, with Mr Mazzig creating a favourable impression among the Palestinian members. So much so that afterwards [the head of the Palestinian Soceity tweeted thanking him for the talk – a surprising outcome given that Mr Mazzig had previously been faced with heckling, protests and walk-outs on Exeter and King’s College London campuses.”

The Jewish Chronicle
“IDF soldier shares stories of Israel, Midwest tour – in peace”The Chicago Tribune

“As part of the Humanitarian Unit, his job was to help Palestinian civilians avoid becoming victims of war. His specific role, he said, involved building infrastructure like roads, clinics, hospitals and schools for Palestinians. “I wanted to do it from the beginning,” said Mazzig, who served in the IDF for five years and was honorably discharged in 2012 at the rank of lieutenant. “I wanted to help save lives, and the idea for the army, it gave me a possibility to bring peace close. And I truly believe that, in this role, I was able to promote peace.”


“Hen Mazzig; I Hope I Made a Difference” – The Mike Report

Throughout his American adventure, Hen never lost his sense of humor, perhaps that is what sustained him. Whenever Hen was greeted by anti-Israel protesters He just couldn’t resist joining them with his own hastily scribbled signage… As our coffee and time ran out. Hen offered some parting thoughts. “I want to live in a world where nobody need fear getting on a bus, where people can enjoy a cup of coffee like we just did without needing to take a protective glance around the shop. I want the same thing for Palestinians, that they can focus on the simple pleasures; raising families, building communities. This is what I am working for”. On his time in Seattle Hen said “I hope I made a difference.”





“We Don’t Feel Welcome In Our Own Universities” Spiked

“He had organised a talk by Hen Mazzig, a lieutenant in the humanitarian unit of the Israel Defence Forces. Until, that is, the SU heavy had other ideas. Talking to me from Israel, the only place he says he ‘actually feels safe’, Steinbock describes how deeply threatening KCL has become for pro-Israel students. ‘Frankly, I do not feel welcome at my own university’, he says. ‘Why they have these safe-space officers is beyond me.’”




“Ex Israeli Soldier Denounced on US Campuses” FrontPage

“IDF perfects officers’ interaction with civilian populations” IDF Blog

“They also often come across international organization representatives, which were thoroughly delineated by International Organizations Liaison Officer Lt. Hen Mazzig. “The IDF and Israeli authorities allow and encourage the work of international organizations in Judea and Samaria,” explained Lt. Mazzig. “The organizations give us a different perspective on the issues we deal with, pointing out ways we can improve and legitimizing our work.”

“London University Threatens Jewish Leader At IDF Event” BreitBart

“The talk was being given by Lt Hen Mazzig, an Army Officer who had worked on humanitarian missions for the Israeli Defence Force. The Israeli Society had hoped to organise a debate between Mazzig and students interested in Middle Eastern affairs.”


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